Creature Fusion (Unguligrade)

So I was tasked to create animals for my school project. The base ingredient needed to be used was unguligrades, which are basically animals who walk on their toes like horses and pigs. It was difficult to come up with anything creative as the creature in my mind had to be elegant and graceful if it looked like a horse or had to be big and bulky like the pig. Here is some of my ideas:

Animal Creation Ideation


A) This is a giraffe, poodle and ram hybrid. I was thinking elegance and what came to mind was rich people and their fancy animals. Hence I looked at popular animals with the stereotypical rich people and found poodles. Combining them with giraffe was because I thought it would look better if the animals seemed to be on heels. I improve the horns of the giraffe to make it look more elegant.

B) This is a gazelle and pangolin hybrid. Inspired by knight horse armours during medieval times, I designed an animal that constantly wear a coat of armour to protect themselves from their predators. When designing this, I was also thinking of how these legs also meant that they can move quickly, so I tried to make the body streamlined and reduce the bulkiness to create an aerodynamic body.

C) This is a rhino, mudskipper and seahorse hybrid. I wanted to try different kinds of unguligrades and not just use those that looks like horses. So I looked at a rhino and my sister told me to combine it with a mudskipper. I accepted the challenge and came up with this beast. When drawing, I found out that the tail of the mudskipper is to allow it to jump high, so I tried my best to maintain that bulk and strength when designing this rhino creature so that it still has the same function. I also thought how fun would it be if the horn of the rhino was more like the fins of the mudskipper, retractable. Hence I turned it into a fin, hinting that it can retract. I used a seahorse to give its body more texture as otherwise, it does not look like a sea creature.


In the end, I decided to use B as it appeals to me more. It looks cool and makes sense if it does exist. Here is the final work. Unfortunately I forgot to record the process.

S10180854_Ang Keat Yong_Hybrid Creature Design_Unguligrade_Coloured


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